Two of Spence’s most important training beliefs, are that you must first respect your dog, and your dog must respect you. The second, is that you have to create a bond with your dog and the dog must want to work with you.

Training classes benefit both the owner and the dog. They build the dogs confidence and offer security, too, by establishing the owner as pack leader. “Training helps you understand how a dog learns and why he behaves the way he does. It makes you a better owner, and the dog a better pet.” Spence adds,” It’s never too late to begin. Even older dogs can benefit from training classes. Many need to be desensitized from fears developed as puppies. Others, who may not get out often, benefit from the increased socialization with other people and other dogs.”

“ I believe that training is important to solidify the bond with the owner and dog, thus creating a happy and obedient home atmosphere”.

Spence Shepard also specializes in many behavioral issues for people that have problem dogs, and does ongoing work with number of service dogs and assistance animals. With all the above aspects of training, Spence works with you and your dog to better your relationship.

Spence and his dog Kai

His credentials include:

Degree in Animal Science
Degree in Dog Training
Member of Association Pet Dog Trainers
Member of Better Business Bureau
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
4 years of Vet Tech experience
Degree in Grooming